Shadows Displaced by the Fire

In what may have been a blink
The zone was erased
Forgotten or confused
To take part in the play
A real part
With the creation the stages
Walking with the debris
The charge into morning from last night? dance
The concealment
A grotto is used again and again
But this time no one is lost
They all find the steps through the air
The hums begin then the chant
And now songs rise and swirl
Each place is a place first then threshold
Walk exactly in rhythm
Exactly in defeat of dis-traction!
Pass the first stage and the second
Arms and spears the drums and echoes
Water pours
 Like the planets and their days
 Out the other side
 And plant the plants
 Thrust the trees into the dirt
 Locate the center that runs from here (My spine)
 To there (The roots)

 Clouds part in the East ahead of me
        Run without breaking!



 — By Douglas Pinson


Copyright © 2008  by Douglas Pinson and Spinozablue. All Rights Reserved.

Shadows Displaced by the Fire
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