Spinozablue is now taking submissions for poetry, art, fiction, nonfiction, short films, photography, and original music. No prior publication history is required.

Some brief hints toward a general Spinozablue aesthetic:

Our favorite era in literature and most art forms is Modernism, with an especial preference for Surrealism and the Avant-garde in general. But we welcome all styles and points of departure. “Eclectic” is a part of our logo for a reason. We also understand that the concept of “modernism” itself is relative. The world was obviously vastly different a century ago, and the Arts today should reflect that. “Make it new!” is a century-old motto we fully support. Above all else, originality is key, and we look for work that clears new ground, or reimagines the old. Finally, in our little corner of the Internet, the Republic of Arts is open to all.

Please send your compositions to , using the mailto link, and include a brief bio.

Limit the number of poems to five, and your manuscripts to no more than 1500 words. Short films and music should be no longer than 10 minutes, but exceptions may be made on a case by case basis. We now take simultaneous submissions, but please inform us if your work is accepted elsewhere.

Fighting48, by Douglas Pinson. Digital painting, 2023.
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