Surfaces: New poems by Mitch Corber


Domesticity reigns supreme
in bedroom foreplay
and kitchen kindnesses
as stress dissolves in liquidity.

Past implosions irk the cautious
nurse, her very livelihood
threatened by a weapon-wielding
boss man who … don’t ask.

Free again, I’ve found
my downed wingspan rising
as buried heretic ledgers
adjourn to the surface.



A Bingo of elation, frayed jeans
and Led Zep in the form of a scar.
Your lieutenants all beg mercy
for a goodness-caress of rich passion.

Diesels spew the rooftops off of squatters
doffing their cinder-caps for loosie-goosie
ladies of sidesaddle majesty. A crowbar
awaits the faint of heart.

Been trending a lukewarm testament
to Taco Tuesday’s tasty menu of Mexican
morsels. Wanting yet not needing
merely flusters disposable detainees.

Whims of decision warble fiercely
the proud directives the masters make
—hoping us serfs will fake the courteous
environment of “hello.”

This respond-to-a-ticklish-grin nonsense
will spoil our boys in remission, as senior
trusts make the elderly accountable. If there’s
an English muffin of manicures—she’s it.


— by Mitch Corber

Copyright © 2022, by Mitch Corber. All Rights Reserved.

Corber, a founding member and live TV advocate of the innovative art collective, Colab (Collaborative Projects, 1977-1986), is also is a noted filmmaker of “Quiver City” (1986), “John Cage: Man and Myth” (1990), “Fickle Foliage” (2012), “Leonard Cohen Interview Trilogy” (1988-2013), “Nomads of New York” (2016) and the autobio “A Young 70″ (2019)—viewable online.

He is recipient of the 2020 NYC Kathy Acker career award in Poetry Video—plus the 1987 NYFA grant in Emergent Art Forms. Mitch too is highly visible on public access cable—his Wed. 9:30 pm Poetry Thin Air Show (1989-present) broadcasts NYC poets into Manhattan (MNN) and Brooklyn (BRIC) homes.


Surfaces: New poems by Mitch Corber
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