Tabhair póg dom, is Éireannach mé

The Cliffs of Moher, in County Clare, Ireland.

It’s that day again. Another year, another Guinness or two or three. I wonder sometimes what old Saint Patty would make of his holiday being used for fun and frivolity, and more than a little bit of liquid spirits. Did he drink in his monastery, or out and about in his walks across Ireland? Possibly so. He may have needed more than a little help, chasing away all of those snakes and demons. And it may have helped him explain to the Irish how the concept of the Trinity was like the Irish Shamrock, as he did on occasion.

Regardless, drink a toast for me and you and all our brothers and sisters in this life, at least.

The official site of the St Patrick Festival in Dublin is here.


Tabhair póg dom, is Éireannach mé
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