Alessio Zanelli

Summer Posts and Further Artistic Experiments

Spinozablue has recently added some poetry by Howie Good and Alessio Zanelli, the latter joining his fellow Italian, Gabriella Garofalo, from June. Continuing experiments with Krita brushes, most recently playing around with some of its filters as well. One, in particular, adds a nice brush effect to the whole. It’s called “brushify,” strangely enough. I’m […]

New Poetry and Recent Reads

Spinozablue welcomes new poetry from John Grey and Alessio Zanelli.   Michael Gorra’s The Saddest Words (2021) is an intellectual griffin of sorts: a serious literary biography, a thoroughly researched history of an era, and a thought-provoking, fearless, and moral accounting of our past. Departing from most biographies of Faulkner, Gorra focuses primarily on how […]

The Way of the Harvest

Spinozablue welcomes in the month of October with new poetry from Alessio Zanelli, Kyle Hemmings and Joshua Bocher.     *     *     *     *     *   Hilary Sideris, one of our contributors, has a new book of poems out. It’s called Sweet Flag, and you can purchase it through Finishing Line Press. Congratulations, Hilary!   […]

Alessio Zanelli: Of Leaps and old Booksellers

White Mulberries One Indian file resists the advance of pylons and smokestacks, right at the bottom of the hollow between the main embankments. Forsaken sentries captive at home, ashy relics of earth, air, water and fire. This land has forgotten that once it teemed with countless arrays. They know and strive to last till worms […]

New Poetry and a Short Film

We have some new poetry on tap from Sheema Kalbasi, Alessio Zanelli and Tony Jones. Sheema also tipped me off to a very good short film and hopes our readers will view the movie here. The filmmaker in question, Hossein Martin Fazeli, is also a poet. One I hope to publish here soon. __________   […]

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