David M. Rubin

New Poetry, Fiction and More Musical Dialogues

  Spinozablue welcomes new poetry by Rose Novick and Vernon Frazier, and fiction by David M. Rubin. We all have regrets, especially when it comes to our closest, deepest relationships, though more than a few of us will insist otherwise. Many of us will insist we’ve never been hurt or done the hurting, and we […]

Fall Additions to Spinozablue, and More Paintings

Spinozablue welcomes new poetry from James Croal Jackson, Mitch Corber, and Howie Good, plus new fiction by David M. Rubin. If you’d like to submit your own work, please go to the Submissions Page, and fill out the contact form as per instructions. You can bypass that form once we’ve made First Contact . . […]

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