Felino Soriano

New Poetry on Tap

We are pleased to publish new work by Felino Soriano and Jessica McFadden. Felino is a returning champion and Jessica is a unique find.   __________  Reading the poems above, watching the phenomenal movie, Tree of Life, and moving further along the path of Zen, I thought about images versus language. I thought about the way …

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New Poetry by Felino Soriano

Untangled   eyes ensemble             truant disbelief burgeoned cultural               denounce         cultivated                           fathoms amid fulcrum of asymmetry’s desirous   imbalance   uneven distribution of unraveling sadness             these listeners              combining                   ecumenical (gradations of such interest)   methods of attentive multifunction   Fragments   sway             of twirl             of sedentary                         oscillation the …

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