The Mind as Haiku

For November, Spinozablue welcomes the poetry of Virginie Colline, Joshua Bocher, Greg Mackie and Kyle Hemmings.


Making poetry, making art, comes naturally to humans. For all we know, we’ve been doing this since the dawn of time. It probably brought immense pleasure to the first Neanderthal and his or her tribe when they made speech rhythmic, flow, condense the life around them into a proto-song. I can imagine them delighting in the sounds of brand new lyrics, forcing them to dance, and then delighting in these new movements they had never encountered in themselves or others before.
Laughing. Grunting with joy.…

Greg Mackie: One Word Shift

first light of spring –
he runs to his destiny
and slips on the slush
early morning rain –
it refreshes my spirit
and brings out the slugs
sometimes my own thoughts
are in a foreign language –
I’ve lost the phrasebook
fifty horns blasting
the second the lights turn green –
patience is urbane
One word shift : Subway Smile
The stainless steel smile
Of the girl in the subway
Sliced my heart in two
The stainless steel knife
Of the girl in the subway
Sliced my heart in two

— by Greg Mackie
Copyright© 2012, by Greg Mackie. All Rights Reserved.…

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