Howie Good

Unchained Heart

  Spinozablue’s August edition features a new film by Shabnam Piryaei, art by Mark Zlomislic, fiction by E.K. Smith, and poetry by Valentina Cano and Howie Good.   *     *     *     *     *    The story of Cuchulain has me thinking about panthers. Black panthers. Not because they appear in the myths. As far as …

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There is no Difference

New additions to Spinozablue include poems from Kyle Hemmings and Howie Good. Both bring the uncanny and the marvelous to the fore in unique ways. Two things sorely lacking in Art, to our great sadness.   *     *     *     *     *   A few days ago I mused about The Other and difference. The foreignness …

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Howie Good: Ennui

  PROSTHETIC DREAMS   A bird I can’t identify by its red markings visits me, holding a playing card in its beak. I feel elated to finally be remembered. But when I grab for the card, the bird darts away. Come back, I yell, and the bird does. I realize then that its markings are …

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