John William Waterhouse

The Long Waves

  Divisions of Earth and Sea   The night’s edge As buffer between us – The flame of the moon On gray starry waves Compress eras like A bride a bridge For two philosophies Two conceptions of roles And what is veritas You on the staccato shore Me on the drawn out omen’s cliff As …

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Woman on the Strand

 We have new poetry from Ann Applegarth below. The ocean, the strand, the interaction between self and sea, between our Being in the world versus our Seeing in the world . . . Humanity long ago left the realm of an easy oneness with Nature, but a parallel belief held on, at least through the …

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The Ethereal Response

I looked again at one of my poems from the 90s, and tried to place it in context. Then and now. As experiment, as reevaluation. The quotes are new additions and, as always, this is a work in progress . . . .   “He talked to her endlessly about his love of horizontals: how …

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