Joshua Bocher

New Poetry and the Penumbra Effect

We’ve added new poetry from Joshua Bocher, Sean Howard, and Avery Tuck. Please leave comments on our Contact Us page, if you’re so inclined. Recent readings/rereadings include the aforementioned Maggie Doherty’s The Equivalents, which was excellent. It makes a fine pairing too with Square Haunting, by Francesca Wade, which I read last year. Group bios […]

Joshua Bocher’s Sartrean Moons

Frozen Life “There is nothing left for you here.” The head of this shadowy figure Tilts towards the ground. Salt is scattered about, Shimmering, The snow a blinding mirror, Human figures in the distance Tiny as the hairs on his chin, Visiting from An old Chinese painting.   Queen of All Under Heaven The moon […]

The Mind as Haiku

For November, Spinozablue welcomes the poetry of Virginie Colline, Joshua Bocher, Greg Mackie and Kyle Hemmings. __________   Making poetry, making art, comes naturally to humans. For all we know, we’ve been doing this since the dawn of time. It probably brought immense pleasure to the first Neanderthal and his or her tribe when they […]

The Way of the Harvest

Spinozablue welcomes in the month of October with new poetry from Alessio Zanelli, Kyle Hemmings and Joshua Bocher.     *     *     *     *     *   Hilary Sideris, one of our contributors, has a new book of poems out. It’s called Sweet Flag, and you can purchase it through Finishing Line Press. Congratulations, Hilary!   […]

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