William Egginton: The Rigor of Angels

Group biographies are having a moment as of late, but it’s unusual for them to connect disparate fields of study, expertise, or creative pursuits. More often than not, they focus on a group of contemporaries, friends, rivals, even lovers, who share space within a city, a university, even a building, so there is already a […]

New Poetry, Fiction and More Musical Dialogues

  Spinozablue welcomes new poetry by Rose Novick and Vernon Frazier, and fiction by David M. Rubin. We all have regrets, especially when it comes to our closest, deepest relationships, though more than a few of us will insist otherwise. Many of us will insist we’ve never been hurt or done the hurting, and we […]

New Nonfiction and Poetry, Plus Recent Readings

Spinozablue welcomes a poetry review by Hilary Sideris, and poems by John Grey, Dominik Slusarczyk, and Philip Jason. In Clare Carlisle’s excellent biography of George Eliot (1819-1880), marriage and the work of a lifetime, the novels and her relationships, take center stage, with a unique philosophy of life undergirding both. Gossip followed the novelist most […]

Sylvie Jane Lewis: A Day in the Life of Dublin Town

Bloomsday in Dublin and the Cinematic Unreal This piece was made possible by the Tom Parkinson travel writing grant, awarded by Jesus College, University of Cambridge. On June 16th, 1904, James Joyce’s hero Leopold Bloom sets out on a voyage of the glorious mundane. Ulysses (1922) traces Bloom’s steps across a single day in Dublin, […]

New Poetry on Tap, Plus Book Review

Spinozablue welcomes poetry by Lela Hannah, Mark DuCharme, John Grey, and Bobby Parrott. Stages. We often see our lives as passing through certain, relatively common, blocks of time, shared by vast numbers of our fellows, but varied according to era, geography, and individual contexts. They may or may not actually exist (beyond metaphor), but it’s […]

New Additions, and Recent Readings

Spinozablue welcomes new works by Cherene Burdett, John Grey, Sarah Sarai, Howie Good, and Heather Sager. Greek Lessons, by Han Kang, is a beautifully written, highly poetic meditation on personal loss, grief, our five fragile senses, and how we connect with one another despite our limitations. In this case the loss of language itself, and […]

Recent Readings and Intros

Spinozablue welcomes new poetry from Shira Dentz, Dominic Rivron, and Adam Day. The Last Pomegranate Tree, by the acclaimed Kurdish writer, Bachtyar Ali, is a magical, moving story of war, its volatile aftermath, and the search for a long-lost son who becomes two, then three. Translated from the Kurdish by Kareem Abdulrahman, this fascinating novel […]

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