Neil Ellman

Summer’s Eve

June brings us poetry by Neil Ellman and a short story by Donal Mahoney. Summer is around the corner. Will there be dancing in the streets? *     *     *     *     * Reading a fascinating book about Occupied Paris. Alan Riding’s And the Show Went On. About 110 pages into it. He tells the story of […]

Neil Ellman: A Rose is a Phantom of a Rose

Some Roses and Their Phantoms (after the painting by Dorothea Tanning)     When roses die their petals shed like skin peeled from a snake with nothing left but the phantom-coils of yesterday’s blooms they shrivel and spool, curl into shapeless knots to live among the dead       where the ghosts of roses go to […]

Recent Additions & Musings . . .

Spinozablue welcomes the fine Haiku of Virginie Colline, and the poetic works of Dan Corjescu and Neil Ellmann. __________ As long as we are alive, nothing is complete. We define this or that aspect of art, music, religion, life itself, and we kill it. In some way, small to great. Yes, poetry can lift art; […]

New Poetry by Neil Ellman

Academy (after the painting by Cy Twombly)   Scrawls on the hide of a whale almost words more than scrawls almost more than words a kind of history of victories & defeats          rough encounters          in dangerous seas          mad love                crawling syllables ampersands asterisks slashes          coherent by half          call out […]

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