New Fiction, Poetry, and Paintings

Spinozablue welcomes new fiction by Changming Yuan and William Kitcher, plus new poetry by Stephen Mead and John Grey. Arctic blasts and snow on the ground lead to thoughts about contrasts and contradictions, frozen limbs and warm rooms, then and now. I’m reminded of the ecstatic joys of childhood, sledding down a hill-street, custom-made for […]

The Poetry of Place, Brick, and Stone

Spinozablue welcomes new poetry by S.R. Brown, Stephen Mead, and Duane Anderson. Secular monasteries of the mind. Byzantine, Gothic, Romanesque ruins of the unconscious. I dwell in the space between ancient walls, vaulted ceilings, piazzas, and naves, bereft of their original spirits, inhabited now by something else. By my own pantheon — if I could […]

Las Meninas

Perhaps the first post-modernist painting, well before the period assigned to that name. Pespective. Multiple perspectives. Meta. About painting. About the act of painting. Velasquez paints Velasquez. This is not a pipe. This is not Velasquez. Are we, the audience, looking at the painter painting us? Or, does our vanity blind us and prevent us […]

Artemisia Gentileschi: Controversial Realities

Artemisia Gentileschi lived a stormy life, to say the least. A lightning rod of sorts in her day (1593-1653) and at present, her tragically violent existence creates alternate realities for some. Years ago, I watched the movie, Artemisia, which I thought good, though inaccurate historically. Some of the inaccuracies can be forgiven, for they added […]

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