William Egginton: The Rigor of Angels

Group biographies are having a moment as of late, but it’s unusual for them to connect disparate fields of study, expertise, or creative pursuits. More often than not, they focus on a group of contemporaries, friends, rivals, even lovers, who share space within a city, a university, even a building, so there is already a […]

Nietzsche was right. Sort of.

I’ve often heard it said that “human nature” makes true system-change impossible, that we’re too greedy, selfish, or just plain rotten to ever live in a more cooperative, harmonious way with one another, which apparently means any system-change is bound to fail. I find that to be blinkered thinking on several levels, and ultimately destructive. […]

The Shaman and the Coffee Shop

The Second Lesson Percolates Cat Stevens sang “Morning has Broken” above us, as we sat in the corner café, with its old stone walls, its monstrous fireplace, and its unbreakable wood tables and chairs. I suddenly felt relaxed in a way that had escaped me for weeks. The Shaman looked at me quickly, saw my […]

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