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Happy Bloomsday! Plus New Poetry

Happy Bloomsday! Plus New Poetry

Sunflowers. By Vincent Van Gogh. 1888

Nothing was as it seemed, when Van Gogh painted it. Roiling underneath the subject, flying above it, surrounding it, were his passions, his intensity, his flights into realms most of us could only guess at, if we can match him for moral imagination, or imagination period. With Van Gogh, a rose was not a rose was not a rose.

Ray Succre writes poetry along these same lines, or conjunctions, or coincidences, with a mask or two thrown in for good measure. Surreal, meant to be heard, meant to be spoken, they sing the uncanny.

Spinozablue presents two of his poems below.… |To be Continued “Happy Bloomsday! Plus New Poetry”

Two Poems by Ray Succre

Two Poems by Ray Succre

Flower Poetry

When the flowers first escaped the row,
having scattered their generatives in time with a good wind,
I used poison to contain them. 
All gardeners know you can only own beautiful things
if you keep them in a square.

These were hearty poison-eating flowers, I discovered.
Soon, they made the grounds, even rooting in the concrete walk.
Hurrah for wildness, hurray for its life, I thought,
leaving them be.

I remember too clearly the morning I witnessed
the first flower to get inside the house.
It was growing from the kitchen floor.
I contained this pretty creature by setting a large soup-pot over it.… |To be Continued “Two Poems by Ray Succre”

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