Sheema Kalbasi

New Poetry Anthology

 Celebrated poet and activist, Sheema Kalbasi, has brought out a new anthology of Persian poetry. You can sample a few poems from this collection below. *     *     *     *     * The Arts know no national boundaries. The Republic of Arts and Letters encompasses the entire world. For too long, those in power across the globe […]

New Poetry and a Short Film

We have some new poetry on tap from Sheema Kalbasi, Alessio Zanelli and Tony Jones. Sheema also tipped me off to a very good short film and hopes our readers will view the movie here. The filmmaker in question, Hossein Martin Fazeli, is also a poet. One I hope to publish here soon. __________   […]

Echoes in Exile

We have some new poetry, this time from Sheema Kalbasi, an excellent poet I had the pleasure to meet last year at a book festival. There is something unique, exquisite and dreamy in her work, something that informs and amplifies the images of war and peace, tragedy and freedom, family, love and laughter she depicts. […]

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