The Beatles

New Poetry, Fiction and More Musical Dialogues

  Spinozablue welcomes new poetry by Rose Novick and Vernon Frazier, and fiction by David M. Rubin. We all have regrets, especially when it comes to our closest, deepest relationships, though more than a few of us will insist otherwise. Many of us will insist we’ve never been hurt or done the hurting, and we […]

Poetic Additions, and Thoughts on Simplicity

Spinozablue welcomes poetry by Hilary Sideris, Dave Shortt, and Nick Weller. Simplicity in the Arts and in life is a strangely complex thing. Reputation, history, and timing all play a role in the discernment and appreciation of that simplicity. More often than not, our unconscious plays an essential part in the acceptance or rejection of […]

The Young Change Titanically

Riffing off my previous essay, with its slightly tongue-in-cheek usage of the word schizoid, I thought I’d take a quick look at major changes within bands themselves during the 60s. Two come to mind easily: The Moody Blues and the Beatles. Listen to the Moody Blues’ first hit from 1964, Go Now. It doesn’t set […]

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