Van Gogh

Poetic Additions, and Thoughts on Simplicity

Spinozablue welcomes poetry by Hilary Sideris, Dave Shortt, and Nick Weller. Simplicity in the Arts and in life is a strangely complex thing. Reputation, history, and timing all play a role in the discernment and appreciation of that simplicity. More often than not, our unconscious plays an essential part in the acceptance or rejection of […]

Happy Bloomsday! Plus New Poetry

Nothing was as it seemed, when Van Gogh painted it. Roiling underneath the subject, flying above it, surrounding it, were his passions, his intensity, his flights into realms most of us could only guess at, if we can match him for moral imagination, or imagination period. With Van Gogh, a rose was not a rose […]

Van Gogh’s Letters

This past October, we were blessed with a remarkable collection of Van Gogh’s letters, newly translated and complete, without censorship: Vincent van Gogh: The Letters: The Complete Illustrated and Annotated Edition (Vol. 1-6) (Hardcover) ~ Nienke Bakker (Editor), Leo Jansen (Editor), Hans Luijten (Editor) The collection contains pretty much every one of his paintings, is […]

After the Vortex

 My poem from yesterday was about many things, but chiefly about fighting the inability to write. Poems, prose, in journals. The painting above is about something else, though it ties some things together for me. Kandinsky, in this work from his Der Blaue Reiter period, was painting in part theoretically, putting theories into his paintings, […]

Cezanne’s Provence

One of my favorite places in France is Provence. Yes, I know. It’s not like I discovered it, of course. It’s been a very popular destination for . . . well, centuries. But especially in the modern era. Popularized best, perhaps, by painters such as Paul Cezanne and Vincent Van Gogh, and more recently by […]

Imogen Heap: Ethereal Girl

I first discovered Imogen Heap’s glorious sweet voice while watching Zack Braff’s film, Garden State. Bought the soundtrack. Followed the trail from there. Heap’s music is like no other, with her surreal, ethereal, ghostly musical tones and sequences, crafted by a magically eccentric woman-child, waiting to be set free by that music. Electronica with a […]

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