Terry Trowbridge: Poem

Portrait of a Genius at a Party

The liquid gravity on fire
inside of a magnetar
would be as hidden from view.
A fundamental force affected
as though it is matter, burning –
does that mean a force transformed,
transposed into a phase shift
from force into form?

The shimmering electromagnetic bends
bowing spacetime around the magnetar
so that spacetime becomes a prism,
light becomes a pleonasm,
images of light
among images of magnetism

Shyness? Aloofness?
Notice the shy gaze that constantly moves
among the scenery in stare-cast arc seconds.
Paint under fingernails.
Delight in animals is never escapism.
Kindness is sharing food. Slowly tasting.
Sarcasm is fun.
Parody is a record of a close analysis,
it causes no laugh but does get a clap,
eavesdropping conversations about
cartoons and music.

Wallflower cocooned in magnetar
and pocket sketchbook.


— by Terry Trowbridge

Copyright ©2024, by Terry Trowbridge. All Rights Reserved.

Terry Trowbridge is grateful to the Ontario Arts Council for funding his poetry during the polycrisis.

Terry Trowbridge: Poem
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