The Journey to Indwell

Lunar Eclipse. Photo by Oliver Stein.


The Blessing


Take me across
Thy bullet


Take me across and then back again
To say Yes as Nietzsche said yes
To feel Yes as others dive and run

And shake life like a tree
The messiah inside us all
No other

No other exists

But our own hidden cancer
Our own hourglass

One’s own bargain with the sands
On the shore we tread on surging horseback
Or gingerly
Like a frightened

Quivering reed

Say Yes to it all once again
The pain coursing through

the blood the bones

The unbounded loss of lovers and friends
The unguided descent into hells too deep
To recover

The unquiet questioning of purpose
And ruse

Of endless games we play
Shouting excuses for the main
For the main errors

For the shock of what we did
For the flaws within our subtle
All too subtle

Gift to the gods of delusion . . .

For it was never as we thought it could ever be
It could never go the way we planned

The joke was us and on us and for us
From the start therefore —

Let’s compel it all again
My temptress
My bride my angel eyes

Thou canst be wicked



— by Douglas Pinson


The Journey to Indwell
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