The Long Way Home

The Long Way Home

The Embarkation of Odysseus. By Claude Lorrain. 1646.

It looks like we should be picking up steam in early April, with new poetry, essays and fiction. To celebrate Barbara Guest’s forth-coming Collected Poetry, I will be posting some essays about her work and life. A remarkable poet, she deserves a much wider readership and far more recognition.

Current books of note: Reading Carmen Laforet’s Nada, a very fine coming of age novel, set in Barcelona. Recently finished William Everdell’s The First Moderns. Brilliant overview of the people and events that shaped the modernist movement around the world.

Recent guilty pleasures: Watched The Wanderers, based upon the Richard Price novel. Good film. Not great, but good. Set in 1963, in New York, it tells the tale of gang life in a somewhat mixed/surreal fashion. Price’s book, and the movie, draw on historical gangs, but alter them for dramatic purposes. Especially “cool” is the part near the end when Richie (Ken Wahl) looks through the window of a local coffee house to see the woman he loves listening to Bob Dylan. The times sure were a changin’. Thanks to the Internet, you can discover how close or far away from those historical gangs the book and movie get . . .

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