The Parable of the I

Tilted Gardens

Brains trick us. Not just those who use them, and use them carefully, creatively. Those who never use them are tricked too. We see things not as they are, but as our minds want us to see them. This provides a great deal of amusement for our brains, which is their sole reason for existing anyway. We seriously amuse them; they love this about us; and they tolerate us because of that. Take away our comedic efforts, and they’d shut us down in a heartbeat. For that matter, they’d shut down our hearts, too.

I love taking pictures of that exact moment in time when our brains are trying to pull a fast one on us, translating, as mentioned, what is into what they want us to see. Ironically, as amazing as our minds are, they’re not really as sophisticated as they’d like us to think, because we can — at least I can — catch them off guard with these photos, these splits in time and place destined for immortality, or the trash heap — which ever comes first. Of course, there are many other ways we can sneak around their backs and get the best of them. We can drug them, drown them in wine and whiskey, make them fall off tall buildings and hit our heads. There is more than one way to skin a cat, as they used to say before YouTube came along.

Tilted Gardens 2

It’s also quite possible to confuse the hell out of the brain by taking a photo of some tremendous panorama, some profoundly moving landscape, doing this close enough to one of a billion objects under the sun so everything else is shut out. The brain becomes frazzled beyond belief and asks, where did everyone go!! In other words, while the mind can actually see everything, across the entire globe and back again, into the furthest reaches of space, back in time, into the future, as a man, a woman, a brand new garden gnome, and as the Glorious Tiger King of Samarkand, it really can’t handle cropped images.

Tree On Edge

All of that said, on any average day, I’d have to admit my brain gets the better of me. And if I’m really honest, it’s fair to say I’ve tricked myself one too many times for my own good. Taking these photos in order to escape the faux-distortions wrought by the brain creates new distortions. Sneaking stealthily behind my own back just guarantees a pretzelized perspective toward the world and freaks out the orthopedist.

And we only have one, most likely. One mind, that is. There are at least a half dozen doctors waiting in the foyer and they always overbook.

The final answer to the Brain/Body conundrum is simple: Oh, never mind!!


The Parable of the I
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