The Shriek: New Poems by Alessio Zanelli

The Shriek: New Poems by Alessio Zanelli

The Shriek

On the edge of her lip, like a car
balanced on the brink of a precipice,
the shriek has halted, swaying.
Just one spasm, and all of her anger
would gush down noisily, sweeping
sighs and placid thoughts away.
We could try to rescue those inside
the shaky car before it plunges
to the bottom of the crag, but nothing
curable is in that mouthful of vibrations.
And the force of a thousand hurricanes
locked in a chest then suddenly released
would not suffice to wash such evil.
In the end what is unavoidable befalls,
and the tenacity of her facial muscles
is not worth the trouble. Ineffectual,
however long she strives, to hold her breath.
No human can contain a lifetime’s pain.



The Effort

Moon shines while billions
of corpses rot
beneath earth’s crust.
—Shinkichi Takahashi

Man’s sight is dim.
Man’s look is squint.
Man’s eye is corrupt.
Man is the end.
Man is the end.
Not machines, not profit.
Man’s effort
cannot be vain.
Man is no means.
Man is the end.
Man is the end.
Not machines, not profit.
Man has to last
until the stars
decree the end.


Alessio Zanelli is an Italian poet who has long adopted English as his writing language and his work has appeared in over 100 literary magazines from 12 countries including, in the USA, Antietam Review, California Quarterly, Chiron Review, Concho River Review, The Iconoclast, Italian Americana, Main Street Rag, Poesia, Poesy and Potomac Review. He is the author of three collections, most recently Straight Astray, the poetry editor of Private Photo Review, an international magazine of b/w photography and short writings, and a featured poet in the 2006 edition of Poet’s Market. Alessio’s website is here.
Copyright© 2008, by Alessio Zanelli. All Rights Reserved.

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