The Transitory Nature of Envy

The Transitory Nature of Envy

Jealousy, by Douglas Pinson. Digital painting, 2021.


Jealousy II

I’m jealous of Jimmy Stewart’s time
With Kim Novak in Vertigo
Looking at her looking at him
Through all the doubling of characters

Hitchcock and Freud
Judy and Madeleine
The dated dynamics
The bald confessionals

It would have been something
To have rescued her from the Bay
And then the Set
And then the downward spirals

I’m jealous of Zhivago’s time with Julie Christie
And Sharif’s time with Lara
Not so much because their love
Nearly froze to death

While the howling wolves applauded

But because War and Revolution
Snow and ice and balalaikas
Were no match for their technicolor
Passions — wrong or right

I’m jealous too of all the people
Who said wise things to the Buddha
To change his Way
To change his Path

Knowing they’d never get the credit
They deserved or the royalties
     Not that he ever did
Or will

But most of all I’m jealous
Of the waves
Because they see everything
Carry stories on their backs

Like Homeric dolphins
Just far enough
To finally reach Ithaca
And then some



by Douglas Pinson

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