Tony Brewer Reconnects

Tony Brewer Reconnects

Reconnecting with an old flame

I admire your ability to turn revolution into a job
in the desert with the good lighting
and a good grasp of calculated endangerment

An easy laugh with a terminal glottal catch
is what I live to affect – personalization sounds good
behavioral conquest sounds good also

as long as I wear the nitrile glove

I admire your calm here at the end
a knowing cover for a freak-out
luxuriating in the killing sun

Self-actualization and -empowerment are great
but you have to tell everyone all the time
the moment you stop you disappear

We could walk by a river but don’t
I was happy just being the most normal thing
in the tombstone of your bio

I am nothing like those who warned you
about me cautioned which is why I said
you should definitely believe them

Turning all the you’s into collective we’s
the secret is to never use I
so you’re never telling on yourself

Somewhere some uneasy laugh
hints at a touched topic
only ever discussed once or twice

and that with trusted friends
who would never dare speak of it
or better yet forget

What youth workshops
old age reveals the magic trick
the coin was never behind the ear

I won’t apologize for this one time
I use it to get back under your skin
and apologize in advance for the next

Apology a sure sign of maturity
along with a smooth demeanor
in the face of tragedy and strife

The river comes out of the ground
and does not disappear so much as transform
into O Wondrous Ocean of Metaphor!

I liked us better in the spring
two curious strangers
aware we didn’t know a thing


— by Tony Brewer

Copyright © 2022, by Tony Brewer. All Rights Reserved.

Tony Brewer is a poet, live sound effects artist, and frequent collaborator with audio collective Urban Deer Recording Cvlt. His latest book is Pity for Sale (Gasconade Press, 2022). More at

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