Trilunar Phases and Cosmic Debris

Have been productive along the artistic front lately, though that old black magic, inspiration, seems to come and go. But I’m pretty happy overall with my progression these days, taking more and more chances with media and medium. The latter is the message, or so I’ve heard.

The two Cosmic Debris paintings are possibly the biggest departures from previous efforts, and made primarily in Gimp. I like the direction #34 is taking me, especially. Have figured out that I can actually blend colors, smudge them, pamper and schmooze them enough to go beyond previous limitations, though the program is still unpredictable at the oddest times. I’ll get my paint brush, colors, and vision just the way I want them, and then seem to lose the ability to increase the scope of the brush, despite desperate attempts at playing with various icons, drop-downs and tabs. I wish I knew how to code so I could create exactly what I need, when I need it, which is primarily all about certainty. That’s another way in which painting in the physical world is much easier, and less aggravating. You find things where you left them, generally speaking, and they tend not to disappear, unless you run out of protective talismans and the like.

If any of the above provoke thoughts you’d like to share, please drop us a line or two via the contact form. Your own artistic expressions are welcome as well. Spinozablue is currently taking submissions.

Trilunar Phases and Cosmic Debris
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