Two Poems by Alessio Zanelli

I Am Not The Earth

It is no use your chiding me
for my being an elusive stuff
slipping still out of your hand.
In vain you keep on grumbling
I had better be more concrete,
steadfast, tangible, consistent.
My true nature shuns your senses
every time you think you hold her
after long pursuing my semblance.
Whatever you try at my essence,
she vanishes like a sunset shadow
stretching out and out before dying.
You are looking for your mainstay,
a ground to rest on to look around
without ever losing your bearings.
But what I am is chilly air, I am wind;
I am water and the salt dissolved in it,
yes, please, convince yourself: I am sea.
For all you strive you can’t change that,
I am really nothing you can stand upon.
Indeed, nothing you can grasp or tread.


If you believe what the eye can’t see—and there is much
of that—you will no longer need your eye, or even want
to see anything. So strive to avert your gaze from the object
of your desire, for there are things you crave—without being
aware of it—that go beyond the reach of your perception.
When in the end you are convinced of that—your eye forever
closed and doomed to blackness—there will be nothing less
than altogether clear. All you really need is time, and faith,
and courage. Be sure of that, it’s nothing you don’t have.
Just focus on your fragmented self. Deny your eye. Believe.

–by Alessio Zanelli


Alessio Zanelli is an Italian poet who has long adopted English as his writing language and his work has appeared in over 100 literary magazines from 12 countries, including Aesthetica, Arabesques, California Quarterly, Chiron Review, Dream Catcher, Existere, Flaming Arrows, Italian Americana, Orbis, Other Poetry, Poesia, Potomac Review, Poetry Nottingham and Poetry Salzburg Review. He is the author of three collections, most recently Straight Astray, and a featured author in the 2006 edition of Poet’s Market.

Alessio is also the editor of an international review of black and white photographer, which publishes poetry as well. It’s called “Private.”


Copyright© 2008 by Alessio Zanelli and Spinozablue. All Rights Reserved.


Two Poems by Alessio Zanelli
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