Tyler Minnich: Thinking With Time

Propositions to the Unwise

1. I am thought itself, therefore I exist.

2. Thought is the experience of a proposition.

3. A proposition is a truth of the world; propositions assert the truth of things—and the world is everything, therefore making it the subject matter of all propositions.

4. Truth is merely that which is asserted by all propositions.

5. A proposition may be given multiple representations (depropositions). Depropositions represent the same proposition (are equivalent) if and only if they share the same meaning. For example, any given deproposition p = It is true that p.

6. I determine the meaning of depropositions.

7. Concerning thought’s placement across time, however, I have much doubt. Can thoughts have duration, or are they only instantaneous? Certainly thinking is discrete, but is it possible for thoughts to be immediate, or must there exist lapses between them?—of course, two instants cannot be immediate on the real number line, but perhaps there can exist a distinct thought at every instant over a given period? The existence of time is a frequent dogma of mine, so I find such questions important to ask.

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Tyler Minnich is a senior undergraduate at the University of Florida, studying Mathematics and Psychology.


Tyler Minnich: Thinking With Time
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