What We Must: Part II

Abstract7, by Douglas Pinson. Virtual oil and water colors on virtual canvas. 2021.


A bit of further set-up. Using Windows, and its built-in Paint3D right now, and for the above. Apple diehards will tell you, if you want to make art, music, or use computers for creative endeavors in general, you have to go with a Mac. Perhaps in the future. It likely would benefit this new route to old visions, but we’ll see.

Okay, so I’m teaching myself, and discovering as I go. I stumbled into using the touchscreen on the laptop, and an old smartphone “pen” to actually draw-paint on the screen. Most brush work seems better that way than via the mouse, but not all of it. Ironically, I had greater control with a real brush, in a real studio, with paint fumes and classical music in the air.

As with the first try, there were no preset shapes applied beyond the blue background. No joy for me, really, if I go in that direction. There’s help and then there’s help. After betraying past visions of integrity to some extent already, I plan to avoid going full AI any time in the future. Too many ghosts looking over my shoulder, and too many “selves,” former and currently vying for dominance.

The second painting was, as the subtitle says, earlier in the process. Was thinking primarily in terms of trees, branches, the flow of energy from ground to sky and back. That theme stayed with me, but I lost some of the thickness of the branches as I went on. Visions of those branches and that energy haunt me, and will be the root cause of many a future work.

You can throw tomatoes now.

Earlier version of Abstract7, by Douglas Pinson. 2021


What We Must: Part II
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