Winds Beyond the Howl


The furthering of the snow
The snowing of the snow

As it covers the earth
With a white wind and nothing gentle
Nothing hesitant

It flies berserk and vociferous
Plummets left to right
Unholy and obdurate
Like Genghis Khan in the spring

And I count down the numbers
The ten numbers of my own legend

As I wait for the white to rise
From the Earth and fall
From the pregnant grey
I can no longer see

Covered in that white

Hidden from that view
From the farms and churches and mountains
Topped with my deliverance

It is the night of the day
Our circle cracked
Our band of merciless friends once linked
By knowledge and risk and alchemical
Delirium like mages on intellectual parade

The break came with the revelation
That one of us wanted happiness
Wanted calm and love and warmth
Not perpetual self-destruction
Or destruction of other selves

Cast out that other self
Is here
In the furthering whiteness
Closer to that nothingness
Stevens imagined he heard


— By Douglas Pinson


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Winds Beyond the Howl
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