Yin and Yang: Attack and counterattack.

Yin and Yang: Attack and counterattack.

It’s a part of the human condition to get things wrong, especially in the moment. We sometimes get things right after the fact, when it’s too late. As simple as that. It’s too late. It’s also a part of the human condition to want to wrap things up, organize, reduce, simplify. Artists are needed to do this in a way that resonates, inspires and provokes.

Sometimes, there is meta beyond that. Sometimes it takes a further step of removal to organize what the artists have done on their own.

So I was thinking: Attack, response, regret. In song. Aggression, a kind of passionate passive-aggression, then a nostalgic humbling. In song. The Faces and Janis Joplin, followed by Rod Stewart . . . who was lead singer for the Faces, and then he wasn’t.


So, she responds to him, to his cocky, over-confident swagger, as she sees it, and let’s him know it. Both songs have among the best intro movements in all of Rock, so they both take their time to make their case, and that case is strong on both sides of the divide . . . but I think I give Round One to Janis:


Which forces a newly single Rod Stewart to do some major introspection. A different, perhaps wiser man, or just another aspect of this same man’s human condition:


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