Fall Paintings, and More Thoughts on Simplicity

We’re on the edge, as always. There is always a move toward something, even if it’s inertia. More or less. There’s really no way to be perfectly still (without an iota of change), though some mystics might argue that point. They might argue (ecstatically) and their argument would cause changes of some kind — inner, […]

Poetic Additions, and Thoughts on Simplicity

Spinozablue welcomes poetry by Hilary Sideris, Dave Shortt, and Nick Weller. Simplicity in the Arts and in life is a strangely complex thing. Reputation, history, and timing all play a role in the discernment and appreciation of that simplicity. More often than not, our unconscious plays an essential part in the acceptance or rejection of […]

Imaginary Musical Dialogues, Part Etcetera

Conversations are often difficult, no matter who’s involved — at least among people. One self among a host of selves is usually present, but at times many vie for attention, clamoring to be recognized, understood, even loved. Confusion often reigns, if only underneath the surface, so it’s little wonder we talk past each other and […]

More New Poems and Paintings on Tap, plus Sinéad

Spinozablue welcomes new poems by Jordin Swanson, D.R. James, and Hilary Sideris, plus new paintings by Edward Lee. In recent weeks, the world has lost more than a few beloved artists, singers, and writers. Tony Bennett, Milan Kundera, Robbie Robertson, and Sinéad O’Connor come to mind right away. Those who knew them and/or their works […]

New Poetry on Tap, Plus Book Review

Spinozablue welcomes poetry by Lela Hannah, Mark DuCharme, John Grey, and Bobby Parrott. Stages. We often see our lives as passing through certain, relatively common, blocks of time, shared by vast numbers of our fellows, but varied according to era, geography, and individual contexts. They may or may not actually exist (beyond metaphor), but it’s […]

Spinozablue Welcomes . . . plus Pre-Bloomsday 2023 Links

Late May and early June bring us the poetry of Rupert M Loydell, Marc Isaac Potter, and paintings by Christopher D’Amanda. Welcome to Spinozablue, one and all! We’re just a few days away from that wonderful time of year, when thoughts turn to Leopold and Molly Bloom, and the mad genius of James Joyce. A […]

New Additions, and Recent Readings

Spinozablue welcomes new works by Cherene Burdett, John Grey, Sarah Sarai, Howie Good, and Heather Sager. Greek Lessons, by Han Kang, is a beautifully written, highly poetic meditation on personal loss, grief, our five fragile senses, and how we connect with one another despite our limitations. In this case the loss of language itself, and […]

Film Review: The Quiet Girl

“The Quiet Girl,” based on Claire Keegan’s beautiful novel, Foster, which I reviewed here, is the first film in the Irish language to be nominated for an Oscar, and it’s easy to see why. It retains most of the story from the original source, and draws tremendous depth and emotion from the unsaid and misunderstood. […]

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